Ricette fresche e veloci

Assapora il piacere di alcune delle ricette italiane più famose utilizzando ingredienti freschi come pomodori,cetrioli e basilico colti dall’orto del Reggine Casa Vacanze Sorrento.Di seguito idee appetitose e veloci per una cena estiva o uno spuntino da gustare in spiaggia.


Moonlight  is a restaurant that will fascinate you with its  flavours and scents of  the typical  Neapolitan cuisine  and dishes presented  in attractive manner. Moonlight restaurant is the most suitable location if you want to spend the evening in relaxing surroundings where you can taste specialities of the Neapolitan tradition and the inevitable pizza baked into the wooden oven. You can choose to have your dinner inside, in our comfortable room, or outside in our wonderful roof garden among lemons and oranges trees and Mediterranean plants.

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